Etobicoke Going Green With Your Car

There are several things you can do to improve your environmental impact:

Recycle used motor oil. Avoid pouring waste oil into gutters, down storm drains, or dumping wastes onto the ground. A single quart of motor oil can seep into groundwater to pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water. Many municipalities offer a place to recycle used motor oil, and if they do not then ask the local sanitation department, public works department, or fire department to create one. When you buy motor oil, ask if the store or service station has a program to buy back waste oil and dispose of it properly. By properly maintaining your car you reduce leaking of oil, coolant, antifreeze and other hazardous fluids.

Be "green" when washing your car. Hand-wash your car on the lawn with a bucket of soapy water, rags and a hose. The water is then used to water your lawn, and the soap or detergent acts as a fertilizer. Turn off the hose between rinses can easily save up to 150 gallons. If using a car wash, choose one that recycles its water (but watch out that they don't re-use without processing the water, especially in winter, when road salts can get concentrated in the water and increase corrosion on your vehicle)

Buy a high-efficiency car if you can afford one. There are a number of srouces for finding the most energy efficient cars:

When shopping for a new vehicle, look for the EnerGuide label for vehicles found on all new passenger cars, light-duty vans, pickup trucks and special purpose vehicles that weigh up to 3855 kg (8500 lb). The label shows the city and highway fuel consumption ratings and an estimated annual fuel cost for that particular vehicle.

Use alternative forms of transportation Rather than driving your car to work each day, try other ways, even if only one or two days a week. You might try walking, riding your bike, take public transit, the train or join a carpool. In Ontario use the Carpool Zone website. In BC use the Ride-Share website. You'll reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the cost of fuel, oil and maintenance your vehicle. By mixing up your commuting routine, you can you avoid falling into a workday rut.

Workplace Policy ChangesUrge your workplace to have a van-pool, environmentally responsible purchasing policies and an improved indoor environment.

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